Monday, January 08, 2007

John James Cowperthwaite (Sir John) Profile

April 25, 1915 Born in Scotland. Attended Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh,

1933 Studied Classics at the University of St. Andrews and Christ's College
(Cambridge) before returning to St. Andrews to study Economics

1941 Joined the Colonial Service in Hong Kong

1961 – 1971 Promoted to Financial Secretary

1971 – 1981 Joined Jardine Fleming, an Hong Kong investment bank. Retired and went
back to Scotland in 1981

January 21, 2006 Died in Dundee, Scotland


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reldas said...

As somebody said to me "History teaches we never learn from history"
Here is a man celebrated in the Far East for his economic perpacity and what does the west civilised nations do?
Ignore him!
What has the result been?
The economic demise of the west and econmic rise of the far east!

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